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Commerce City Garage Doors | Is there a right way to do spring replacement?

Sometimes, we like to think of ourselves like a caddy.  A golf caddy is not just someone who carries around some golf players clubs–  A caddy is also someone who offers advice, insight, tips, and even makes recommendations based on many different facts out on the course.

We’re kind of similar, in a way–  When you call us for some services, we’re going to do similar things.  We’re going to assess what’s going on, and give you our recommendation based on all of that.

Of course, just as I’m sure Tiger Woods doesn’t always listen to our caddy, you don’t have to, but I’d advise you do.  Take for instance spring replacement.  Springs wear down at a similar rate, so when one breaks, the other is sure to follow soon.  If you put it off and only replace the offending spring, that means you’ll likely have to call us again in a matter of weeks for a brand new service; this is not only a hassle for you, the homeowner, but we also offer discounts on springs when sold in pairs, so you would no longer get to take advantage of that.

We offer the advice that best helps you–  It’s up to you to decide whether or not you’ll take it.

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